Shatal Ruby Attacks Judith Heard Over Vigil ‘Selfie’

City glamour gal Shatal Ruby who is well known for fighting fellow city socialites on social medial for reasons of gaining fame has now attacked Judith Heard for taking a selfie on a vigil.


“I don’t understand how you can take a selfie at a vigil! smh. Someone explain to me please. It’s quite disturbing,” Shantal said while on Social Media.

Yesterday evening, Judith Heard posted a picture of Facebook that she was attending Juliana’s son Keron who died on Sunday evening due to multiple organ failure.

Shantal who is also known for her wide gaps in the mouth previously attacked Club Venom’s marketing manager Nickta Evas Bachu and the verbal fight almost resulted into a physical one

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1 thought on “Shatal Ruby Attacks Judith Heard Over Vigil ‘Selfie’

  1. Shantal thanx for querying this cheap stunt….. Who is Judith Heard by the way ? Is she relevant on the social scene , or is she just famous for marrying a white pensioner ? The pictures don’t even seem like selfies……..It seems as if she got someone to take the pictures. If they were selfies, then her hand w’d appear to be at a certain angle. This is a mistake that so many of our so called celebrities here in Uganda make, They pull out a picture of them that was taken by someone else, and they plant it on instagram with a caption “Good morning my fans, this is my selfie”. As simple as it sounds, selfies are self taken pictures….these two are not especially the one on the left

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