Sheeba Back To Tight-Marking Pemba

A few months ago reports were rife that socialite Jack Pemba’s relationship with his live–in lover Sheeba Kassami was very rocky.
Word was going around how Sheeba was secretly hooked up with another businessman who had linked her to some Chinese investors to start importing cheap products from China.
At one time Sheeba threatened to end the relationship instead of dropping her business deals and her partners. This is the reason why for the previous three months Pemba has been moving out with his other baby mama only identified as Sumaya, whom he once referred to as cousin.
It was revealed that Sheeba was trying to move on after it became known that Pemba was battling loan related issues. Sources say that Sheebah was very protective of Pemba that she did not allow any other babes with suspicious motives get close to him when he was swimming in cash.
However, when he got into huge loan problems, Sheeba deserted him. Sources say that during the same period Pemba managed to hook another city babe identified as Vasha Joan, who is probably set to deliver for him a tot soon.
Snoops reveal that Pemba and Sheeba developed misunderstandings after counteraccusations of cheating. Following their bitter split Sheeba estranged herself from their cohabiting home in Munyonyo. During this brief separation Pemba managed to balloon Vasha and opened up for her a salon and shop dealing in assorted braids, weaves and hair extension products.
However, latest info reveals that when Sheeba learnt that Pemba is back in town with lots of cash, she decided to immediately reconcile with him and she is back, already tight marking him like she never left. Latest sighting was on Thursday during Abryanz Fashion awards press conference at Serena hotel. Sheeba we hear has made it a point to feed Pemba with all the candy he wants that he wont desire any other girl.

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  1. Boss pemba stick to the ones that were there for you during bad times than those gold diggers like sheeba.High time you woke up boss!!!

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