Sheebah Karungi Branded Man Snatcher

Sheeba Karungi

Goodlyfe’s new recruit Sheebah Karungi has been accused of snatching someone’s man.

Sheeba Karungi
Sheeba Karungi

Hijira, a model with Crystal Models attacked Sheebah in her Social Media rant for seducing her man.

“Someone should tell Sheebah Karungi to stick her hands where they used to be. Next time she lays her bitchy hands on my man or anyone I know, I will be forced to expose her dirty linen in papers,” posted Hijira.

“Seriously being a one hit wonder doesn’t make you famous moron, stick that in your deteriorating body”

What was so shocking in the rant is that Hijira told Sheebah to stop spreading AIDS.

“It seems you are now used to beatings from the Goodlyfe boys and Chameleone kati you need an extra push…find another bed to warm, ffe totuzungiza silimu wo.”

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  1. Hijira,hope yo man is not yet infected since you believe someone infected laid her hands on him,you gals are too childish

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