Sheebah’s Half Naked Pictures Cause Social Media Storm

Sheebah Karungi

Goodlyfe crew member Sheebah Karungi’s half naked pictures have caused social media storm among the commentators.

Sheebah Karungi
Sheebah Karungi

It is not clear yet to why the Twesana singer is posting pictures when she is not far from being naked.

Sources close to her have however confirmed to us that she is trying to seek cheap popularity by going nude.

“She needs attention from the public and these half nude pictures will attract a huge following on social media,” a source confirmed.

Sheebah showing her back tatoo
Sheebah showing her back tatoo

To her she might have pulled the crowds but some social media commentators have bashed her move of posting pictures when she is almost naked.

Below are some of the reactions from Sheebah’s fans after she posted her half nude picture.

Baibe Brigy Rhymez Sheebah act your age, and grow up baby gal coz because you are ashaming yourself. Damn, nawe tujeko!

Kitenda Raniah ooooooooooh too much of anything is always bad naye no nawe osuse onatera kujamu mpale

Honest Suzan Borekwa You are a disgrace to women.. That makes u cheap u pervert

Kamusime Silagi Sheebah you don’t have Hips en good body, silly.

Luwagga Flavia If u wanted so much to make yourself cheap and show your whole self with no dignity of a woman, why didn’t you just show your whole face because you are being a public phone everyone will use it. What’s wrong with gals where the king and lady character in you is? You make yourselves roads that don’t go anywhere.


This is not the first time Sheebah is posting such photos.

Early this year, the Ice Cream singer posted pictures on Facebook while she was dressed in a bikini.

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13 thoughts on “Sheebah’s Half Naked Pictures Cause Social Media Storm

  1. What is wrong with you people. Have you never seen a woman in bikini? For God sake, please stop pretending! Let us discuss some serious issues…not this?

  2. In the first picture, why is she covering her face..i must say she has a nice body and a massive booty. She is craving attention thats why many celebrities post pictures on social media now adats

  3. Am loving this optical nutrition…No skirmishes or blemishes on the entire body

  4. she is looking for a husband i assure you…but as a man she has very nice behind features which on itself is marriage worthy.if i didnt have a wife i would ask for her hand in marriage straight away

    1. Gosh you men!! Why are you even looking at other women when you are clearly a married man.i feel sorry for your wife. Hope she reads your comments and puts you in your place

      1. HOW???? men will always look at other women, so make sure you are on top of your game always….

        1. Maggie, you are very right. Men cant stop looking at other women. She better raise up her game

      2. Mary, please read “if i didnt have a wife i would ask for her hand in marriage straight away” The guy has made it very clear he has a wife… wat part of the msg didn’t u get?

  5. fame comes in different way but if do come in search ways then thats worse,

    how can she mother of tomorrow do such? i call that total madness, stupiddddd!!!!!!

  6. Pipo please take away your amalo and ekyalo(matter of fact bizinga), since when did some one wearing a bra and underwear or a bikini become nude?… men do it all the time when they wear their tight boxers (body builders), nga temubafatta? Mutujekko amalo namwe. Babalagiddekko bwelele, u didn’t even have to pay, kyokka mululetta. Mutwale eli stone age wamwe.

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