SHOCK!!!!! I have Never Seen Crowd this Large—Mbabazi

It did not shock Ugandans only but also the man himself! Yesterday, Independent presidential John Patrick Amama Mbabazi said he has never seen a crowd large as people who welcomed him in Arua district.


When he took to the podium at Arua Hill Grounds in Arua Town, he first said, “I have never seen a crowd this large, I am grateful.”

Mbabazi said his government will solve electricity shortages through policy called Grid – Tied Solar Power contained in his manifesto launched on Sunday.

“I know that in west Nile, electricity is a big issue. We announced a policy called Grid – Tied Solar Power. Build a house, install solar panels and create electricity from the sun and what you don’t use, the government will buy from you,” he said.


Mbabazi also promised to create more than 5,000 jobs for the Arua residents. “I know the biggest problem of the youth here is unemployment. My government will create 5,770 jobs,” he said.

He also said his government will better medical and health program as well as improve the quality of education.

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