Shocking!! 80% of Ugandan Teachers Can’t Read

Shocking!! 80% of Ugandan Teachers Can’t Read

By Serestino Tusingwire

The recently released report by the Uganda National examinations Board (UNEB) show that eight out of every 10 primary school teachers who qualified last year can neither read nor solve basic primary-level mathematics questions.

According to the UNEB’s executive secretary Daniel Odongo, the findings were “alarming” and require to be reversed urgently to improve learning and teaching at schools.

“Only 21.8 percent and 38.8 percent of Primary Teachers Colleges’ Year-Two students were rated proficient in numeracy and literacy in English language, respectively,” Mr Odongo said yesterday at the release of the 2015 NAPE results, adding: “These low results should be cause for worry because these students are now in the field teaching our children.”

The report also has it that tutors at Primary Teacher Colleges (PTCs) are not any better.

Less than 20 percent of them could interpret graphs in similar exams, while only 5.7 percent final-year students passed.

The pattern of massive failure was repeated when in-service teachers were tested in the same paper, with only eight per cent was able to interpret the graphs.

Tutors performed slightly better than the 30 percent in-service teachers who passed the number patterns and sequences questions. Trainee teachers tailed at 8.8 percent.

Some 46,000 Primary Three and Primary Six pupils, alongside 12,300 pre and in-service teachers, as well as 164 tutors participated in the National Assessment of Progress in Education (NAPE) in July last year. They were tested for literacy and numeracy skills.

Mr Lutalo Bbosa Sserunkuma, an examination official with UNEB, said: “If teachers lack something, it will be transferred to pupils. If the teacher has difficulties in a certain subject, they will not be able to teach it.”


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