Singer Brian Avie praises sugarmoma in song, outs Lyrical Visuals


Does Brian Avie have a Sugar Momma? He does. She satisfies his desires. She fills him with love and peace. She has everything for his needs. Together they live in harmony. Who is she? Our dear Mother Earth. The one who provided the perfect conditions for our births, who provides air, water, and shelter essential for our survival, who provides fruits and roots that we can harvest respectfully. We are blessed.



Sugar Momma is another song born from the Avie Music and Raíces del Mundo partnership. Becky Roberts, founder and international coordinator for Raíces del Mundo, wrote the song.

Baguma Brian, more commonly known by his stage name Brian Avie, brought it to life with his arrangement and vocal talent. Additional touches were added by Nigel on the beat. It is available for your listening pleasure on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other online music platforms.

Do you have a Sugar Momma? You do. We all do. Check it out on

And YouTube: Raíces del Mundo. Singer social handles are FB;Brian Avie YouTube: Brian Avie

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