Speaker Kadaga launches Busoga lighting project

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

The unemployment rate in Busoga sub region is projected to reduce with the launch of the Busoga Kingdom lighting project called Taala Project.

Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

The project launched by the Speaker of Parliament, Rt.Hon. Rebecca Kadaga at the Twegaite International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Saturday, May 23 2015, will involve the use of low cost solar powered lanterns to provide affordable lighting in each homestead in the Kingdom.

“We finally have a Kyabazinga. He is focused on improving the livelihood of the people of the Kingdom. This is one of the flagship projects that will ensure each household has a solar lamp,” she said.

Rt.Hon. Kadaga in her address to the Twegaite International Convention said the lighting project will deliver hundreds of jobs to the youth of Busoga Kingdom, as the lamp comes along with phone charging facilities. A factory to assemble the lights will also be established to create more jobs for the youth.

“I implore you Ugandans in the diaspora to be more focused and ensure you remain relevant to the people back at home. You must ensure the transfer of knowledge acquired towards improving the lives of our people,” Speaker Kadaga added.

The Speaker expressed her support to a call by Ugandans in the diaspora to join a new campaign to stop the spread of trachoma in the districts of Busoga Kingdom.

“I have just heard reports from medical experts that trachoma is affecting many of the districts of Busoga. This is one of the neglected diseases to which no one had paid attention. We need to wake up the structures of the Kyabazinga and revisit the clan system to save our people,” she noted.

Kamuli district Chairperson Salaamu Musumba said there was need for the people from Busoga region to cope with the speed of change and development in the world. She re-echoed the need to help transform the lives of communities in Busoga.

Musumba emphasized the need to have education at the forefront alongside other basic amenities.

Busoga International Convention brings together Basoga in the disapora. Its seeks a collaborative effort for Busoga regional Development.

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