‘Spiderman’ Defies Death, Comes Back To Life


‘Spiderman’ Defies Death, Comes Back To Life

By Serestino Tusingwire

The man who jumped off the top of Mabirizi Complex, Kampala road on Saturday has come back to life for the second time.

Sources at Mulago hospital in the morning revealed that Mustafa Lule 20, had died.

According to Linda Kibombo, the now Uganda’s superman is alive.

Linda tweeted her picture with a caption; “the young man is still alive and in Mulago hospital. Latest picture taken today 1pm.”

After the fatal incident Lule failed to die but sustained severe injuries which he is still nursing at Mulago national referral hospital.

Lule yesterday apologized to Ugandans for his weird act and revealed that he had cancelled his plan of committing suicide but wanted Shs450,000 for his treatment from good Samaritans.

Lule revealed that he decided to die because he had been suffering since his mother had no money to even pay for his school fees.

He dropped out of school and got a job which he lost when his employer went abroad.

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