STARVED! Nurse leads Mr. Hyena on wild goose chase , denies him meat

Women run men’s lives. Every woman has enough charm to disorganise one thousand to a million men all by herself.

Having said that, let me also say that, like most men, I suffer from a hearing, digesting and translating problem.

I jump to conclusions and in most cases, I end up misunderstanding what women are communicating.

I’ve also failed to fully understand women. As a man, it’s my biological mission to bone as many as I can. So, whenever a belle crosses my path, I normally throw a stone in her beehive to see what may come out.

Women have time and time again told us (men) what they like, but none of us remembers when we are privately with them. All men think of is shooting the woman’s animal.

That was the case when nurse Nusuraah invited me to spend a night with her.

Close to my shop in Natete, lives nurse Nusuraah – who operates a drug shop. From a distance, she looks like Shasha Brighton. Infact, I highly suspect they may be twins who were separated at birth.

What she did to me three months ago, I will never forget until I die. We have been flirting ever since she set up shop in the area. Sometimes, we even call ourselves husband and wife.

We’ve gone on dates, shared gifts and visited sick relatives together, signs that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

She even dry humps me and has told me her preferences.

“I don’t like sex much…….for me, I like cuddling and kissing more than sex,” Nusuraah had told me several times.

I remember, promising her positively, that I was available if she ever needed someone to cuddle or kiss with.

That if well kissed, a woman can finish more than when injected, Nusuraah had told me.

I usually concurred to keep the conversation going, plus boost my chances, but of course, as a warm blooded man, that was a thing I couldn’t do.

Yes, I’ve tried cuddling with a lot of your sisters, aunties or best friends; but I end up nailing them. The ones, I just cuddled with later accused me of being a naive nerd or impotent.

Anyways, “Come let’s go spend the night together”, was all nurse Nusuraah said and instantly disorganised my brain. It’s yet to fully recover.

It was around 5:30pm, on a Wednesday, as I walked with two buddies passing by nurse Nusuraah’s drug shop, she called me for a private word.

On zeroing in on her, she asked if I was busy that night. I replied asking if she had any plans. Only for her to tell me, how she was about to call me, only for me to bring myself.

Next she hit me with a bombshell.

“Iam very lonely…bored and have a general body weakness, if you ain’t got proggies, let’s spend the night together,”Nusuraah yapped. I felt a cool breeze sweep through me and I was “okay.”

But that okay, may have been dry because my throat was short of saliva.

Anyway, she tasked me with the responsibility of looking for a safe, clean and secure place in Ndeeba where we would spend the night.

That, I had to do very fast, before the pm curfew, after that security would be out tormenting citizens.

Several minutes later, I called and told her of a hotel I had found. “Okay, let me come,” Nusuraah calmly replied. I almost knelt down, as I thanked God for this opportunity he had given me.

To perform better, I had kikomando of four chapattis, four pieces of meat, plus one kisajwe. I took a liter of milk, then swallowed a stamina booster.

I wanted to bone this nurse thoroughly and she forgets her boyfriend who lives in Dubai; whom she calls Honey.

Checking on condoms, I only had two packets remaining, so I called for reinforcement, which Lwasa, the Boda guy delivered, just as another boda delivered nurse Nusuraah.

“That’s the one, I am going to the bone,” I whispered to my boda friend. She was oozing elegance and her body talk screaming SEX, prompting the Boda guy to say, “ just bone her live.

“You’re going to enjoy….It seems she even has water,” the Boda guy added, judging by her vibrating donk. I paid him. “Best of luck…..have one doggie for me,” Lwasa yapped and rode off.

I followed my prey into the hotel complex only to find her waiting for Mwah in the lobby.

We matched to our suite, with Nusuraah’s arm wrapped around my shoulders. This gave me the impression that she was on heat.

Infact, I thought we were to bonk as soon as we closed the door, like I did with Sgt.Akello.

So upon closing the door, I made an advance on Nusuraah when I pulled her towards me and wrapped myself around her.

I gently ran my fingers over her back side, down to her booty, feeling it thinking to myself, “I will soon be deep in these.”

As if reading my mind, Nusuraah begged me not to go there. That she was very tired and so needed resting.

“Let’s first sleep, ko,” Nusuraah said. So, I thought after sleeping ko, we were going to do it ourselves until morning. I played the gentleman by waiting.

Of course, my serpent didn’t wait. It shot up as if saying, “come on man! We didn’t come here to sleep.”

The biggest challenge was that Nusuraah wrapped herself around me. She then rested her head on the women’s organic pillow, my chest. In no time, she was dead asleep, whereas yours truly’s eyes were wide open.

At exactly 10pm, when the serpent was harder than Tororo rock. So hard and twitching, like it was about to explode, I swung into action.

I rolled us in such a way that I ended up on top, right between her legs.

“Sweetie,” I whispered several times as she woke up. Only for her to realize, I was almost serving myself.

Nusuraah pushed me off, demanded to know what I thought I was doing.

“Doing what we came here to do,” I replied in a sweet soft tone, only to be asked what I thought we had come to do. “Play Adam and Hawa,” I shot back.

Nusuraah now disappointed me, by informing me, we were only there to cuddle and that she was even under Eva’s curse.

The night was long.

At some point, I tried raping her prompting her to run out of the room.

That’s when I fully realized, Nusuraah wasn’t there for sex but cuddling as she had been saying.

Since then, my brain hasn’t functioned the same. I’ve chewed lots of belles, imagining her, hoping I would get over her, but it hasn’t worked.

I wished she was like afande Mike’s wife, who out of the blue said, “Hyena let’s go give ko ourselves.”

I will give you this story in the coming days.

Till then, I remain yours truly,

Mr. Hyena

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