Gloves off! Stella Nyanza Goes Bare knuckles on Bobi Wine Again

Kampala– Former Makerere don,feminist and political mortar mouth, Dr. Stella Nyanzi, has gone bare knuckles with NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi over dictatorial antics.

Nyanzi has come out in blunt disagreement with the efforts by Facebook to restrict her account on the platform for violation of its terms and conditions.

Nyanzi has in the past been on a poetic and literal war against the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and more recently against Robert Kyagulanyi’s National Unity Platform (NUP) criticizing the young political player for suppressing those who disagree with the party.

“Between Dictator Museveni and Dictator Kyagulanyi, I know that the old man imprisoned me, but he never got my posts criticizing him removed from Facebook. Who is a worse dictator even when out of power?” Stella Nyanzi posted.

She followed this post with two more, one in which she states bluntly that “Kyagulanyists maul Kyagulanyi’s critics. They threaten, intimidate and penalize dissent. Dictatorships silence dissenters… Musevenists abduct, terrorize and lock up Museveni’s critics.”

In the latest post, she criticizes the shutdown of Ashburg Kato’s and other NUP critiques’ Facebook pages last year, an act she blames on Bobi Wine. To quote Stella, because of this, “I swear to God, Kyagulanyi is a dictator. He murders free expression”.

Early this year, Dr Stella Nyanzi, fled to Kenya soon after the January 2021 general elections.

Nyanzi, who stood under the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket for the Kampala Women MP race, came third losing National Unity Platform (NUP) candidate, Shamim Malende.

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