Stop bleaching! Winnie Byanyima tells off Women, as she asks Gov’t to take Action


The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Eng. Winnie Byanyima  while appearing on NBS TV’s Chat room show recently, urged Ugandan women to stop bleaching their bodies.

She reasons that the bleaching act is a risk to their health.

On the same show hosted by Karitas Karisimbi, Winnie Byanyima said that using bleaching products on ladies’ bodies can result into getting cancer so fast.

She added that the bleaching products contain poisonous Chemicals that cause Cancer.

She went on to say that all doctors globally can affirm to the fact that bleaching is a top risk and ultimately one will be sick at one time in life. So she urges fellow ladies to stop it.

Byanyima emphasized that there needs to be a law that protects Ugandans against use of harmful bleaching content in women’s products.

“Dark skinned people trying to get whiter, bleaching their hair from dark to white…All this is a remnant of slave trade where we were not human beings, where we were traded” she said.

She has called upon the government to immediately take action and protect Ugandans against use of dangerous bleaching products “I think we need some guidance from health leaders about what is acceptable. I am told there are some which have a little bit that will not damage your body and that there are some that will damage it. There’s room for the government to regulate this.” She appealed.

She also assured Ugandan ladies to be confident with their natural skin color.

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