Stop Provoking Me, M7 Tells Judges

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has warned judges to stop provoking him by granting bail to suspected hardcore criminals.

The President said the country’s judges are repeatedly granting bail to suspects facing treason charges, murder, rape, and defilement. He says this move may push the army to shoot treason suspects once arrested.

Museveni said the constitution does not in any way state that bail must be granted. He reiterates that he intends to lobby the legislative arm of government to change the same so that the judges’ have their hands tied with no means of abusing the powers given to them.

“Bail has been given repeatedly to people charged with treason like Kabaziguruka and Kipoi, that MP, an idiot…..” you are really provoking the people and also provoking me since I am always with the people; so scrutinize yourselves during this conference,” Museveni stated.

President Museveni made the remarks at the 16th annual judge’s conference held at Imperial Resort Beach hotel in Entebbe. The four-day annual judges conference is a forum that the judges use to discuss issues affecting their performance and their work in the past judicial year and plan for the new judicial year.

The President has previously made similar statements while addressing political platforms. This however is the first time he is fronting it in a judges meeting.

The President in what he termed as a ‘joke’ also hit at judges for always granting bail to former FDC leader, Dr Kizza Besigye, for the same charges brought against him.

“With Besigye, it’s like a joke, why somebody should commit the same offense repeatedly and is given bail all the time. I will work with you for strengthening the legislation on this matter…” Museveni said

Dr Besigye has on several occasions been arrested by the police over charges ranging from incitement to violence to being a member of unlawful society.But he has always been released on bail sometimes immediately and sometimes after spending days in police custody, a move which has angered the President.

The four-day annual judges conference is a forum that the judges use to discuss issues affecting their performance and their work in the past judicial year and plan for the new judicial year.

Topics to be discussed during this conference include; public rating of the judiciary, current issues in the high court circuits and lower Bench, reflecting on the mandate and structure of the judiciary, commercial justice, judicial accountability, ICT and the judiciary among others.

The Conference will be followed by the opening of the Law Year on Friday at High Court in Kampala.

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7 thoughts on “Stop Provoking Me, M7 Tells Judges

  1. This man has nothing to say/offer except think that he is above the constitution. Let judges do their work. If you want to shoot, shoot your son. Why is he silent on the corrupt who include many of his cronies?

  2. Why is the the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni so much interested in creating lies with intent to kill innocent people accusing them of Treason cases which only exists in his minds.How about Museveni taking UPDF Soldiers everywhere in the neighboring countries without Parliament approval isn’t that enough cases to put Museveni in trouble leading him to troubles Let him not joke with Uganda and its people because with God we are all living and shall continue to live under his protection and minus Museveni’s threats and intimidation.

  3. M7 the egomaniac, has no clue about separation of powers. The Judiciary should be independent of the Executive. Addressing this Conference and trying to influence court proceedings by armtwisting judges, is the highest form of treason. The man is drunk with power from all appearances.

  4. But M7 you must stop threatening the judiciary. You are not a lawyer and your idea of what is legally correct or incorrect does not mean anything (in law) since you could not study law during your school days. You are yourself on record for breaking the law in Uganda. In 1980, you broke the law when you committed treason, leading to the overthrow of a democratically elected government. You have been manipulating and violating the law at will, such as reappointing a retired Chief Justice (against the advice of the JSC), your government refuses to respect court orders such as the order against the impeachment of the Lord Mayor of Kampala, etc. Yet you are here talking about provocation!! Who are you? Are you above the law? Do you accept law only when it serves your interest? This threat should be rejected by the judiciary with all the contempt it deserves.

    1. Ugandans have been wondering why M7 didn’t study law at the University of Dar es Salaam when most of Ugandan who studied in Tanzania at that time were taking Law. If he had, we would be in more trouble. Maybe because he does not know law that’s why he is meddling with it. Let him leave law to those who, not only studied it but have experience in it far better than him. Law cannot be taken like bartering which he knows better or he failed it altogether.

  5. The fragility of pluralistic politics poses a big challenge to building a democratic culture and practices considering the fact that M7 came to the center-stage through a revolution that ousted a democratically elected government. An oppressive and autocratic regime was one of the reasons he came up to restore peace, security and the institutionalization of democratic governance. By threatening the judiciary, M7 is restoring order in the house because no one knows democracy in the great lakes region than the man himself.

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