Straka Fails To Pay Rent, Flees To Unknown Destination

Straka Mwezi

When an ordinary person looks at celebrities like TV presenters, all they see is glittering Gold but hey, Straka Mwezi isn’t that perfect celebrity.

Straka Mwezi
Straka Mwezi

On Monday morning, the irregular bummy late night show presenter, Straka Mwezi was nabbed red-handed by police trying to flee her rented apartment in Bunamwaya without clearing rent arrears.

According to sources, the landlord identified as Tobai Nsubuga was tipped off by a suspicious security guard who saw Straka loading her property on the truck.

On hearing the shocking news, the Landlord rushed to the nearest police station and picked up officers who intercepted the truck loaded with Straka’s belongings.

The truck was then transferred to Bunamwaya police station as they waited for the owner to explain to the authorities.

However, in her defense, Straka says she was given authority by court to flee without clearing the demanded money, which sums up to around 5M shillings

Up to now, no one knows her fate as some snoops are already speculating that she will probably relocate to Sizza’s muzigo in Mukono 11.

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