Chameleone Threatens To Flee Uganda Over Bad Media Coverage

Jose Chameleone

Wale Wale double trouble concert was not only a highly-attended event but also a night of shocking revelations from self-proclaimed music doctor -Jose Chameleone.

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

After stepping on stage and pulling a powerful live performance on Friday night, Chameleone dedicated over 8 minutes to ranting over Ugandan Journalists who are making him spend his life on tiptoes.

In his words, the Leone Island boss shocked revelers when he hinted on the fact that he may go back to Kenya where people love and support him.

“Ugandan journalists you are so envious unlike Kenyan Media,” said Chameleone adding that; “I will go back to those people who support me.”

Judging by his words, the furious Chameleone thought ranting about journalists will save him the pressure of eagle-eyed snoops who are always on his neck.

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