Supreme Court Blocks Lukwago’s Return To Office

Embattled Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago.

Supreme Court has today morning blocked Erias Lukwago’s return to office ruling that  his appeal should be taken before a panel of three judges at court of appeal.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago continues to stay out of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) until his petition challenging the same is heard and disposed of.

Beleaguered Kampala City Mayor Erias Lukwago
Beleaguered Kampala City Mayor Erias Lukwago

Five judges of the Supreme Court have in a joint ruling delivered by Deputy Registrar Thaddeus Opesen said that they do not have jurisdiction to hear an appeal arising from a decision of one justice of the court of Appeal.

They advised the embattled Lord Mayor to take back his appeal to the Court of Appeal. The status quo now remains until three judges of the Court of Appeal hear the petition.

The court however punched holes in a decision by Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma who had on March 31 kicked Lukwago out of office just hours after he had resumed office after an earlier impeachment.

Lord Mayor Lukwago said after the ruling that it’s now time for a protracted legal and political battle to get his office back. He said he respects the decision by the justices of the supreme court, but that he is prepared for what he called a long war.

Lukwago had petitioned the highest court to determine whether he returns to his office at City Hall or continues to stay away.

Lukwago’s appeal arose on April 1st this year when he petitioned the Supreme Court seeking to overturn the earlier orders of Justice Steven Kavuma of the Court Appeal, who had among others kicked the Lord Mayor out of City Hall hardly three hours after he resumed the same.

The kicking out of Lukwago from City Hall on March 31, followed an appeal by KCCA and Attorney General who claimed to be distressed with the earlier orders of High Court judge Lydia Mugambe.

Justice Mugambe had on March 28 ruled that Lukwago’s removal from office by the 29 KCCA councillors on November 25 last year was illegal.

Justice Mugambe observed that there was an existing court order stopping the same purported impeachment and that the same was null and void before ordering Lukwago to resume his office.

This appeal was heard by a panel of five justices of the Supreme Court on April 24 and was reserved for ruling on notice. Justices; Dr Esther Kisaakye Mayambala, Benjamin Odoki, Galdino Okello, John Wilson Tsekooko and Christine Kitumba heard the appeal.

The ruling comes at the time when Makerere University KCCA councillor Bernard Luyiga had petitioned the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oggutu, to intervene in the delayed delivery of the ruling.

Luyiga, one of the councillors who voted Lukwago out of office, argued that the delay was denying the people of Kampala representation at City Hall.

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9 thoughts on “Supreme Court Blocks Lukwago’s Return To Office

  1. Justice is failing at the time it needed to make a mark. This not only frastrurate lukwago but the people as well. The court needs to read between lines and realise implications that will come out of this.

  2. This is the greatest news i have recieved today, i hope Lukwago gives up and accepts he was wrong. Let him leave Musisi continue with her work. From my view justice has prevailed.

    1. I totally agree with you. He is quoted as saying that “he is prepared for..a long war.” Will this “long war” benefit people in Kampala or will it benefit Lukwago?
      He should now concentrate on his legal firm. After all, he was in Parliament when the KCCA Act was passed and very well knew what the position of Lord Mayor entailed long before he stood for it. He should not waste our time any more.

      1. This Lukwago fellow just only engaged in riots and protests when he was MP central kampala (2006-2011), i challenge any supporter of lukwago out there reading this to tell me what lukwago did in that tenure, areas like Nakawa had Fred Ruhindi who collaborated with the executive now the have good roads, but lukwago was fighting with the executive.And its me the voter affected with these cheap fights,

    2. There has been misjustice but not justice not prevailed. For simple reason Lukwago was elected by Kampala people with 64.4% therefore impeachment cannot be applied. As ugandan I’m very concerned that justice is in hands of politician who were sworn in to serve truthfully. Don’t u care about that? Make no mistake I appreciate what Jenifer is doing but I hate manipulation of justice.

  3. Kicking lukwago out of KCCA Offices is not enough. He should be kicked out of Kampala. Let him go and raise goats, sweep the roads (like he did the other day) or join Kony in the bushes. Useless idiot

  4. That has not been ashock to me bt rather expected basing on the fact that there was political interference before even the case begun,moreso the durability of the case makes one to smell arat bt God being omnicient all this will be history time to come

  5. No one will be frustrated in Kampala without Lukwago in office. We want development not dirty politics. Am just praying he doesn’t come back. Let him try Kibuli mosque for a job.

  6. Abanyarwanda came and joined by collaborators imposed a military rule over us,now see the results,have you forgotten that 60% of NRA were Banyarwanda???????they are determined to be here mpaka last!!!!!!!!!!!!whether you join opposition of what they are here to stay,they now hve oil,are educated,they have money,the Baganda people sold us!!!!!!!!

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