Tinkasimire attacks Parliamentary Committee over OTT

By Tonny Akankwatsa

Buyaga west Member of Parliament, . Barnabas Tinkasimire has taken a ire to commissioners of the parliament over the proposal petitioning that public should pay for internet services tax for legislators in the house.

The move last week concerning this cause lead to reactions encoding disagreements between the commissioners against the speaker of the parliament, Rebeca Kadaga, who vowed in disbelief to scrutinize the un contentious decision.

Tinkasimire expressed that he is suspicious that the whole “unfortunate idea to the public” was spear headed by the commission rather members of parliament (MPs) themselves.

“I think the proposal is coming from these so called commissioners The President had chosen from members of parliament,” he mentioned.

He noted that hardly any legislator would petition such a policy in the house to tax the public for their (legislators) own interests. . Tinkasimire regards them to probably strategizing to blackmail fellow leaders.

“If you asked many members of parliament, they would not come with this kind of proposal,” he laments, “maybe they are also out to blackmail members of parliament.”

“If you knew that you as a member of parliament who earns a lot of money can not pay OTT why did you pass the law?” he questions, “we told them on the floor of the house that other than it being expensive, it limits the ease access to internet, but would they listen even. They just voted yes.”

He regretted their decision “now it has boom-ragged against them, they are saying, no no, government should pay for us the OTT. It is all ridiculous.”  

A commissioner in charge of Financing and Planning, Peter Ogwang, last week supported the move saying that legislators are serving the public hence they (MPs) need assistance.

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