Top Muslim Clerics in Terrible Fear after Kaweesi Murder

Top Muslim Clerics in Terrible Fear after Kaweesi Murder

By Serestino Tusingwire

Some of the Muslim clerics whose names are on an alleged hit list prepared by unknown people now fear that their lives could be in even more danger following the killing of senior police officer Andrew Felix Kaweesi last week.

Deputy Head of the Kibuli Muslim sect, Sheikh Muhamood Kibaate, says some of his colleagues have fled the country and he is scared that the assassins could be out to finish everybody on the list.

“It worries us to see that the killers are now attacking people we list expected them to. Some of my colleagues have already run away and more might follow if the situation remains like this,” Kibaate said.

Sheikh Kibaate reveals that the late Kaweesi has for long been their ray of hope and they now fear that the killers have become emboldened.

A hitlist with the names of many prominent Muslim clerics came to public attention in 2015 and many on those on the list have since been gunned down in very similar circumstances.

The killers have consistently shown a level of professionalism and on a number of occasions they even contacted their victims before they struck.

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