Tramigo Hits Uganda Car Industry By Storm

Arto Tiitinen (4th L) wiith other Tramigo staff members during the launch

Finland based Company, Tramigo, the largest manufacturer of vehicle tracking product has opened shop in Uganda-as it continues to extend services in Sub Saharan Africa.

Arto Tiitinen (4th L) wiith other Tramigo staff members during the launch
Arto Tiitinen (4th L) wiith other Tramigo staff members during the launch

Speaking at the official company launch at their head office along Old Port bell Road, Tramigo Chief Executive Officer Arto Tiitinen boasted of a 10-year service in Sub Saharan Africa, with Nigeria being the largest consumer of vehicle tracking products.

“We have been selling in Sub Saharan Africa for almost 10 years now and our target is everywhere. Private or individual or fleet, governments are always our target,” said Tiitinen.

He noted that the official entrance into the Ugandan market comes along with the availability of better services, products and training for Ugandan customers.

“We are happy to open offices in Uganda. This will help us provide even further support, better services and provide training services to Ugandan customers. Our background is that we have already been in East Africa, in Uganda in particular for several years now and in Kenya though Nigeria has the biggest consumer of our products,” he explained.

Tiitinen further explained that: “You need a sim card, fully fitted by Tramigo installers into a vehicle and you can use it through mobile smart phone, tablet PC based on the fleet size and private cars use Peace of Mind product,” he explained.

Adding, “With our system, you will receive a text message direct on your phone or Tablet PC and then you can re-affirm and shut down engine in case your car has been stolen. So, practically, you will always find your car and daily use of it to check your family and your driver. So, it gives you basic monitoring and alarms like over speeding, going to wrong areas etc. Even advanced fleet, you get fuel monitoring, you get notified if your fuel consumption is too high or in case of fuel siphoning”

Gabriel Ewalu, Tramigo Uganda Managing Director revealed that Tramigo is in its final stages of launching Person Tracking Devices:

“With this, you can track movements of your child while at school by putting the device inside the bag. Basically, you get to know where he or she is, whether still at school or already out of school.”

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