Tullow Boss Intimidated By President Karuhanga

EllyTullow Oil Uganda bid farewell to Elly Karuhanga on Thursday at Sheraton Kampala Hotel after serving as the company’s President and Director for eight years.

During the farewell, Graham Martin, the Executive Director- Tullow Oil Plc admitted that he felt belittled by the mere appearance of Elly Karuhanga.

Martin said, “Funny thing is that Karuhanga often referred to me jokingly as his “Boss”, as I was the Executive in Tullow with the closest links with him I suppose, but each time I landed in Entebbe, I always felt the reporting lines were reversed as Elly would be the first person I would check in with and after all, he did have the title President, one of only two people in Tullow to have such a title, and the other one was a mistake!”

Martin first met Karuhanga at the first oil thanksgiving ceremony at which Tullow had been invited by the Ministry of Energy. The team had no representative in Uganda and started sourcing for one among the members from their acquired Hardman Company. “Karuhanga came at the top on the list of the recommended representatives although Tullow was still hesitant at the thought of having a stranger represent them before the president,” Martin said.

After 8 years of service, Karuhanga’s departure from Tullow Oil Uganda may have left the team at a loss but it is clear that the executive members are sure their jobs are still intact and are now more relaxed. Karuhanga remains the chairman of the Uganda Chamber of Mines and British America Tobacco among other companies.


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