Tunisia: Protesters Demand Government Resignation In Mass Rally

Protesters in the Tunisian capital Tunis

Tens of thousands of protesters in Tunisia have taken to the streets to call for the resignation of the government amid the political crisis in the country.
Protesters in the Tunisian capital Tunis
Protesters in the Tunisian capital Tunis

Tunisians rallied in the streets of Bardo, near the capital Tunis, late Saturday. The protesters gathered at Bab Saadoun, on the outskirts of Tunis, before marching to Bardo Square.

National Salvation Front organized the protests to mark the 40th day after the assassination of opposition lawmaker and leader of the left-wing Popular Movement Party Mohammed Brahmi.

Brahmi’s killing plunged the country into a political crisis with several opposition assembly members withdrawing from the chamber.

Their withdrawal has delayed the drafting of the country’s new constitution.

The North African country has been witnessing massive protests since July 25, when Brahmi was killed. Opposition leader Chokri Belaid was also assassinated in February.

Following the assassination last month, a coalition of opposition groups called for the formation of a non-partisan national unity government. The ruling al-Nahda party, however, rejected the calls.

The opposition accuses officials of failing to take action over Brahmi’s assassination. It has also accused the government of failing to take measures to improve the country’s economy.

A revolution occurred in Tunisia in 2011, which ousted former dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Al-Nahda was elected following Ben Ali’s ouster.


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