Twelve Contestants In MUK Guild Presidential race Unmasked

It is again a political season at Makerere University.

Buzzing of vuvuzelas, bands, and mobile public address systems around the university is the order of the day. DDDDDDDD

All over the university the conversations of the day surround who will win the guild race.

Even before someone says “good morning”, the first words are “who is going to win the guild race?”

The hotly contested top position at the university among the students body has attracted twelve male candidates; Roy Ssemboga, Fred Luyinda, Dick Rogers Ainomugisha, Simon Ssenyonga, Abel Mandela Bainomugisha Nkunda, Umar Nsubuga, Bazil Biddemu Mwota, Shafik Kalyango, Ismail Kasozi, Brian Nassala, Dennis Kiyingi and Peter Nviiri Sos

Candidates from political parties have received facilitation.

This money has gone into printing posters, paying for candidates’ public address systems which have been moving around campus as well as paying people to shout and sing particular candidates’ praises at public rallies.

The official campaigns that started last week will end today and voting will be on Friday March 11th.

The winner will be Makerere’s 82nd guild president.

Here we analyse all the candidates’ profiles in the race and their strengths that could shape the final results.


The 25 year old is the official DP flag bearer.

He went to St Mary’s P/S Makindye, Our Lady of Africa SS Namilyango and Naalya SS Namugongo for both his O and A levels.

He has served as Academic affairs minister, Science minister, Chief Justice and as well Chairperson Students Disciplinary committee while in high school.

At Makerere he has served as the sports minister Medical school, Chairman Nkrumah hall and as well Chairman Electoral Commission.

He is a member of Nkobazambogo at Makerere University which gives him a Buganda base support and support from his Nkurumah hall residents who are doing their best to produce a guild president.

The Young leader from Uganda Young democrats (UYD) says he has come to change the fading image of Makerere.

He treasures leadership that is based on hard work and accountability.


He is 22 years old, independent candidate.

He went to Kitante primary school, St.Joseph’s Minga seminary for his O level and  Kisubi seminary school for his A level.

He is a staunch catholic who does not miss church at St.Augustine chapel, Makerere.

This gives him a strong support from the Catholic community at Makerere University.

Being a muganda he has support of the Baganda students at Makerere

Bazil is a resident of University hall, however due to the fact that the outgoing guild president Bala David has been from the same hall, it may become a disadvantage to him as other halls will fight to ensure that they also produce a guild president.

He has been a GRC for the school of Education in the 81st guild, GRC caucus leader UYD at Makerere and as well an ambassador of Milk way youth movement.

The second year bachelor of Education student says he will probe how technology fees have been used by the university.

He says Management should be investigated for failure to use development fees as many halls of residences are in bad state.


The third year Bachelor of laws student is the NRM Candidate and is 25yrs.

He went to Jjungo SS Wakiso for his O level and later Masaka SS for his A level.

He is the president Kiruhura Interuniversity students Association, chairperson youth league Nyakasharara sub county Kiruhura district.

He was born from Bijubwe –Nyabushozi county, Kiruhura district.

He has the support of NRM members at Makerere, westerners who command a big percentage at Makerere, law students and as well residents of Nkurumah hall where he is attached.

He says he wants to revive the glory of Makerere.


Ainomugisha is a second year student pursuing Bachelor Arts in social sciences.

He came on FDC ticket through primary elections that were held before the nomination exercise.

The FDC official flag bearer is 25 years of age and hails from Rukungiri district.

He unfortunately last week lost his mother.

He has faced internal challenges within his party after a section of FDC elders refused to endorse his candidature.

The moustached FDC stalwart has however managed to finance his campaigns and so far he is doing well.

He went to Kazindiro P/S where he was the time keeper and later head boy, Kigezi high school Makobore for his O level where he was the district representative, and later Valley College Bushenyi and Rukungiri SS for his A level where he served as the head prefect.

He has the support of FDC members, residents of Nsibirwa hall where he attached and as well Douglas villa hostel where he resides.

He says his manifesto is to make sure that funding towards research is increased because students pay for it through functional fees.


The third year law student is an independent candidate and has the best background of all.

He went to City parent’s school and Sir Apollo Kaggwa for his primary, Seeta high school for O level and later Naalya ss Namugongo for his A level.

He has served as Head prefect while at Naalya and Seeta.

He belongs to MUK rotaract club, he was the director public speech in Makerere debating union, legal advisor Makerere private students association, legal advisor Nkobazambogo MUK chapter, treasurer hope initiative club, legal advisor Nsibirwa hall, and as well vice president Law school moots society.

He comes from Matugga –Wattuba wakiso dostrict.

He has the support of Baganda students under Nkobazambogo umbrella, strong OBs and OGs fraternity and as well residents of Nsibirwa hall.

The Third year bachelor of law student says he is the right person to succeed Bala, the outgoing guild President.

He says he wants to set up a strong student’s leadership that will work on students’ needs.

He also wants better service delivery at the University.


He is also a second year student pursuing Bachelor Arts in social sciences.

The 21 year old went to Bwaise Primary School and Nansana central academy.

He went to London college Nansana for his O level and later Kasubi parents for his A level.

He was once a sanitary prefect in his primary, a leader of Muslim students in his O level , Nkobazambogo sports minister in A level and as well academic affairs minister.

He has the support of Livingstone hall residents where he is attached, Nkobazambogo students at Makerere University and as well as the Muslim community plus his London College Nansana OBs at Makerere university.


The 24 year dread locked candidate went to Kawempe Decorus P/S, Buddo SS for his O level and later St Lawrence London College campus for his A level.

He has served as Entertainment minister in high school, and president school of Industrial Fine Art students association.

He has the support of Mitchell hall students where he is a resident.

His secondary school background is also an advantage to him since most of Makerere students passed there.

He also has the support of the Muslim community, Makerere University.


The 25 year old Engineering student went to satellite view Mukono for his primary studies, Kisubi high school for O level and later Kololo SS for his A level.

He went to for a diploma in Telecom engineering at Uganda Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nakawa before joining Makerere University on bachelors in Electrical Engineering.

This gives him great support his OBs and OGs.

He is an FDC leaning independent candidate.

He also has the support of Livingstone hall residents.

He has served as the president for the Electrical Engineering society.


The 25 year old went to Nabyanga P/S and later Busoga College Mwiri for his both O and A level studies.

He has previously served as the president of Secondary Schools Association and as well as Deputy Head prefect in his O level.

He belongs to the Basoga Nseete students Association at Makerere which gives him a strong support of the Basoga.

He also has the support of Lumumba hall residents.

He is a second year student of Ethics and Human Rights.


He is a second year student pursuing Bachelor of Arts in social sciences.

The 22 year old went to Mbajja P/S where he was a head prefect, Winston Standard SS Najjanankumbi for both O and A level.

He served as debate president while in O level and later president academic giants association in A level.

He has the support of Mitchel hall residents and as well as Makerere University Political Science Association.

Good meals, accommodation and student’s welfare are his major priorities.


He is the second year student of Developmental studies.

The 22 year old is a Musoga from Buyende district.

He went to Wesunire P/S, St.Paul SS Kamuli for O level and Lunar International College for his A level.

He has served as Head prefect in all the previous schools he attended.

He is the current spokesperson for Basoga Nseete MUK chapter, acting speaker Buyende District Students Association and an academic minister MUDESA.

He is a staunch born again Christian who is currently the Machine coordinator Nkurunsiview fellowship.

He has the support of Basoga students at Makerere University and as well Nkrumah hall residents.


He is a second year student of business administration.

He says he is working with Go Forward to make sure that his dream of becoming guild president comes to pass.

The 21 year old went to Molly and Paul schools for his primary, Old Kampala SS for O level and Mengo SS for A level.

He has served as time keeper, academic and information prefect in O level, Trainer MDD while at Mengo SS and external coordinator patriotism club.

He is a resident of Nsibirwa hall, where he has been deputy speaker and as well Ag speaker.

He has the support of Baganda students, Makerere chapter, his OBs and residents of Nsibirwa hall who are also fighting to produce a guild president.

He wants to improve on students’ welfare and make sure that facilitation for students’ needs is availed.

He is calling for more security around the institution because theft of students’ property has recently increased

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