US Moves motion to slap Sanctions on S. Sudan


United States of America has submitted a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council to slap sanctions on South Sudan if President Salva Kiir refuses to sign a peace accord ending the country’s civil war by end of August.


The resolution includes an arms embargo against South Sudan as well as targeted travel bans and asset freezes.

“The idea is to shape behaviour … in the next 15 days,” AFP quoted one US official adding, “There is one choice left to make, and that is the choice for peace.”

South Sudan rebel chief Riek Machar met a Monday deadline to sign the power-sharing agreement, but President Salva Kiir only agreed on part of it and said he would return to the table early September to finalise the accord.

President Kiir refused to sign the peace after learning that the reinstated clauses which had earlier been removed would see the capital Juba declared a demilitarised zone, have him share power with Mr. Machar both at the national and state level, and exercise executive authority with his rival.

The peace deal would also allow Mr. Machar to be in control of his rebel forces while Kiir would be in charge of the national army – presenting a dangerous situation where the country could potentially have two commanders-in-chief.

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