Kampala – The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has shut down Zziwa Rhino Sanctuary with immediate effect.

The conclusion was declared in articulation by UWA enlightening continuous fights between Zziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranches (ZRWR), the proprietors of the land where the business is found, and Rhino Fund Uganda, an NGO dealing with the rhinos.

“The conclusion has been set off by the steady misconceptions and UWA understood that the contention might actually call for the wellbeing of the rhinos and took this choice to resolve the danger,” the UWA explained .

The authorities additionally declared that they have assumed control over full charge of the security of the Rhinos at the Nakasongola based rhino shelter.

Meanwhile, the facility is shut to the general public and no tourism business exercises will be operating at the foundation.

UWA in their assertion excluded themselves from the stalemate between the two parties emphasizing their fair-mindedness in the matter.

A week ago, UWA, the establishment whose command is to ensure Uganda’s untamed life legacy declared it was finishing the way toward moving every one of the rhinos at the shelter to a more secure spot yet no update has been given about the advancement of the move.

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