Vice President Alupo commends UDB staff for role in Uganda’s socio-economic development


By Moses Oketayot

Kampala: Staff of Uganda Development Bank (UBD) on Tuesday graduated in transformative leadership from the National Leadership Institute (NALI)-Kyankwanzi.

While officiating the ceremony, the Vice President of Uganda, Jessica Alupo, congratulated the UDB team upon successfully completing the training, mentioning that:

“The training at NALI is intended to produce leaders who are ideologically conscious, especially of the elements of national ideology including patriotism, pan-Africanism, socio-economic transformation and democracy.”

“With this ideological orientation, we are developing leaders who are knowledgeable about the dynamics of society as we aspire to attain the middle-income status. I therefore commend UDB leadership for considering this training for your staff given the critical role that you play in the socio-economic transformation of this country.”

She commended UDB for their service to the country noting that they plan a critical role in Uganda’s development.

The two-week leadership training was aimed at facilitating and developing quality leaders who will stimulate Uganda’s socio-economic transformation while building a culture of leadership discipline and service beyond self, cultivating a culture of patriotism and commitment towards Uganda’s development agenda, creating a new understanding of self-leadership from the context of Pan Africanism and developing new strategies for creating sustainable working relationships.

Some of the topics that were covered during the training included Uganda’s potential and endowment, mindset change, public service and thinking as a tool of analysis, among others.

“At UDB, we value staff development. Such trainings are key for our management and staff at the various levels within the organization, as it aligns with the Bank’s mandate of supporting the government towards inspiring socio-economic development, as well as serving as a reminder of what we are supposed to do as leaders who have been entrusted to serve Ugandans,” UDBL Managing Director, Patricia Ojangole said.

Adding that: “UDBL appreciates the management and entire team at NALI for their dedication. With the knowledge shared, I am confident that you have planted seeds of patriotism that will henceforth go a long way in enabling the government to stimulate its social economic transformation goal.”

The Director NALI, Brig. General Charles Kisembo commended UDB for collaborating with the Institute to train their staff, noting that, “The trainings at NALI are designed to build patriotism for our country, as well as an avenue to mentor resilient leaders who will support the country towards achieving growth through the stewardship of the various individuals or organizations that hold positions of influence within public service.”



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