Water Shortage Stalls US $ 22M Kiruhura Milk Plant

A newly built milk plant worth USD 22million in Kiruhura district has suffered a setback due to lack of sufficient water. The milk plant, which belongs to Amos Dairies limited, is located at Nshaara government land in Nyabushozi County. Construction work was completed two months ago.

 Amos Diaries recently paid a courtesy visit to President Museveni  PPU PHOTO
Amos Diaries recently paid a courtesy visit to President Museveni PPU PHOTO

Punit Pruthi, the managing director Amos Dairies limited says they have failed to kick start their operations due to lack of water. He explains that the factory needs one million liters of water to process 400.000 liters of milk each day.Punit says the Dams and bore holes in the area have no capacity to sustain the required water supply.

He says the only option they have is to pump water from Lake Kakyera or Mburo, which are 40 miles away. Punit appeals to government to intervene and install water supply to the milk plant to help in production.

According to Punit, the plant is expected to contribute 14 million dollars in foreign exchange earnings to the country each year. Punit says once fully operational the factory is capable of creating 5000 jobs as direct employment and another 500 indirect job opportunities.

Ronald Mugyisha, a Dairy farmer in Kakyeera says the water crisis does not only affect the plant but all livestock farmers in the district. Bosco Karuhanga, another livestock farmer says he loses several animals due to prolonged dry spells every year. Col. Fred Mwesigye, the Nyabushozi county Member of Parliament admits that a bulk water supply plant is urgently needed for domestic, livestock, irrigation and industries within the district.

Mwesigye says as leaders they will pressurize Government to think of a long term intervention to address the water problem.

Amos Dairies have already signed an agreement with ELIE foods, a U.S based company to buy and sale all milk products produced by the factory.

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