Weasel’s Relationship On Verge Of Collapse


Following singer Weasel’s questionable rendezvous with upcoming musicians Able Tasha and Anita da Diva, his romance with Shamira Tumusiime aka Samira is hanging on a string.


The mother of one is trying so hard to stay with her crook of gold but she will soon get a heart attack because of his randy manners with city babes.

Weasel was a few weeks back sighted openly snogging Tasha at a city hangout.

Sources reveal now that the two have been having steamy sessions ever since Weasel promised to help Tasha build her music career.

“The couple is trying so hard to keep their love going but it is hard but Weasel is always doing something wrong,” a source close to them says.

Tasha has caused a deep rift between Weasel and Samira that these days she has decided to storm night clubs where she parties solo to kill stress.

Sometimes she seeks solace in her pal Zahara Toto, who comforts her.

An insider explains the reason why Samira can’t leave him is that she can’t imagine a life without him, given the fact that he is the bread winner, although he has numerous kids with several women.

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