Winnie Nwagi Drinks Air at Sheraton Hotel

Winnie Nwagi Drinks Air at Sheraton Hotel

She is curvy, endowed and widely lusted after but Winnie Nwagi seems to be very broke.

Well according to our impeccable sources, Winnie Nwagi is too broke to afford even a single bottle of booze…..ok, a soda.

She was spotted by our moles at Sheraton Hotel’s ‘Equator bar’ seriously drinking air during an event for PR firms and personalities.

“She was yawning, biting her own gum and swallowing dry saliva,” revealed the source.

Winnie, who was invited to make a celeb guest appearance, seemed to have totally been forgotten, and she couldn’t bail herself out.

The entire 3 hours or so that she spent at the bar were dominated by constant yawning, and serious WhatsApping.

Unlike other celebs, Winnie never had a single comforter or gango who would cheer her up or better still, buy her a drink.

Winnie in her trademark forehead covering weave, settled for the couch, and fingered her phone all evening, while wondering what she had done to deserve that.

This comes shortly after snoops busted her with a short-nailed middle finger that left everyone wondering what she uses it for.

In case you missed it, Winnie’s all other fingers have artificial nails, with an exception of the middle finger, which apparently helps her in cleaning her gigantic bean.

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