Workers MPs Agitated over Delayed NSSF Bill Debate

Hon. Agnes Kunihira, workers' MP

Hon. Agnes Kunihira, Workers’ MP

Kampala | RedPepper Digital – A group of Workers’ MPs have expressed agitation against the decision of postponing the controversial National Social Security Amendment Bill 2021 for the second time by the Parliament administration.

This comes a week after the Committee report on NSSF Amendment Bill 2021 was submitted by Flavia Kabahenda, MP Kyegegwa as well the Chairperson Parliamentary Committee of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

In response to the Bill, Anita Among, Deputy Speaker postponed the debate on the report suggesting that MPs need to read and understand it better for a thoughtful decision that was meant for November 9, ahead of the final scrutiny.

Yesterday, November 10, the august-house led by the Deputy Speaker considered debating on other issues ignoring the NSSF Amendment Bill yet was featured on the order paper.

The Workers MPs who have been championing this legislation were further left anxious to discover that the NSSF Amendment Bill 2021 had been further rescheduled.

This prompted Agnes Kunihira workers’ MP to ask Deputy Speaker why the agenda was altered.

“I recall well you promised that because of time, you will be giving us time to debate. Yesterday we anxiously waited to debate that report and the debate wasn’t reached and we believed that the bill will appear on the order paper but the bill doesn’t appear on record and maybe we need to guide on what is happening, remember when the bill was being tabled here, the speaker promised it will be given priority,” Kunihira said.

Among urged Workers MPs to harmonize with the decision insisting that the bill on the order paper was still valid, but it was rescheduled reasoning that 80% of new legislators in Parliament need to understand the bill before debate is yet held.

“This is a very important bill, so we need to debate from an informed point of view, what. You aren’t just going to start debating on what other members haven’t understood. So members need to understand the bill,” she said assuring that “the bill will be in this house, it is still on the order paper, just rest your mind that it will come.”

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