World Bank Boss Quits, Starves Singer Laura

From the grapevine; Kampala based Burundian singer Laura Irene Uwimana is going through hard financial times.
Sources say that beautiful Uwimana has decided to halt her music career after things becoming so hard for her to sustain the music career and her personal life.
SLAYER: Laura with a pal in Kampala
Reports indicate that her longtime lover Jean Pascal Nganou, a Senior Economist at the World Bank, was posted to Mongolia from Uganda, something that has affected Laura. Sources say that currently Laura is struggling in Kampala and is so starved in all aspects of life ever since Nganou left the country.
According to sources, Nganou, who is from Cameroon, was first posted to Burundi and it was where he hooked Laura. After his tenure in Burundi, he was posted to Kampala and the two continued with their affair. It is said after four years in the relationship, the World Bank economist managed to father a kid with Laura. He has been pumping a lot of ressurces in Laura but all that now has come to a stop now that he’s gone to be Senior Economist for Mongolia, East Asia and Pacific for the World Bank.
During the time they were together Nganou was so smitten that he kept bankrolling the dashing girls aspirations.
She paid back for his kindness with lots of love and a kid.

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