You Want Besigye Into Power? Go kill M7 — Maureen Kyalya Tells Besigye Supporters

Maureen Kyalya Walube, the  only female  candidate in the 18th February presidential elections feels Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Kizza Besigye supporters are giving her sleepless nights on social media by attacking her left and right.


The former presidential advisor on poverty alleviation in Busoga region has lashed at social media nemesis in a post dubbed “FDC SADISTS BACK OFF MY FB SPACE”

She says Besigye wants to kill Museveni after becoming president.

She also reveals that Besigye will never peacefully become Uganda’s president as long as Museveni lives.

Below is what she posted on Facebook


#allsadistBesigyeSupportes please grow up. If you want to live in misery do not forcefully drag all UGANDANS down with you. You hate even the basic facts.

YES WINNIE BYANYIMA WAS MUSEVENI’S WIFE WHOM HE FOUGHT WITH IN THE BUSH. Deal with it, go to court if you want. Besigye is M7’s personal rival and will never reign if M7 lives. You want him into power go and kill M7. In the meantime stay in your 20 year dream world alone because Besigye will never peacefully become Uganda’s president if M7 reigns.

By the way you call yourselves clever why did you take part in the elections? You threatened you had so much power for defiance where is it? You cannot cry for what you cannot have. You want an FDC government, change your presidential candidate. You want Besigye as president before M7 dies, try after Jesus’ resurrection.

Give me a break and stop invading my space. You expect me to be as miserable as you are, sorry. I was the most successful candidate in that race. I hit all my intended milestones. I set my targets not you. Suffer alone stop dragging everybody along.

UGANDA has NRM voters who are celebrating so just because you are mourning it does not make every one a mourner. Better the devil you know, I am glad UGANDANS chose or rigged for M7 of all the Westerners because none of them is none NRM and none of them could have brought any true change.

If you think I cannot get down to your level and abuse you back you are wrong, so kindly unfriend me and back out of my personal FB space. This is not an FDC sponsored platform. Saddists. Get a life too. You have stupidily and obscenely abused me for 4 years since I left your crumbling party. It was my personal choice and I doubt how many successes you have registered in the last 4 years.

 It is an adorable skill to jump off a sinking ship and make it to the shores. It’s either your party or Besigye. Your business. I can and will come back to FDC when the candidate changes to Mugisha Muntu, Nandala, #SalamMusumba, or anyone who is not Besigye because I know he can only kill M7 for him and his wife to displace Hon. Kataha from state house. WAKE UP.

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