City socialite Zari Hassan famously known as Zari was over the valentine’s weekend filled with love as she enjoyed the day with her bonkmate Diamond Platinumz.

zari kabisa

The couple was spotted exchanging saliva by the lake side in Zanzibar.

Diamond Platnumz was seen tightly holding onto Zari’s aging butts as they disappeared into each other.

However, this is not the first time the two are seen kissing since series of photos have been taken while the two were swapping saliva both In and out of Uganda.


On the same vacation, Zari was seen seemingly surprised by Diamond’s whopper as she attempted to give him a hand in tightening his shorts.

Despite the couple having fun, there have been fears in the public that Diamond Platinumz could be set for a shocking musical flop since he has limited time to concentrate on music.

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