Zuma Seeks Re-election Blessings From Ancestors

South African President Jacob Zuma is a known traditionalist

South African President Jacob Zuma is a known traditionalist

South African President Jacob Zuma has turned to his ancestors to assist him maintain his grip on the leadership of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress.

While attending a ceremony at his village in Nkandla, Kwazulu natal on Sunday where 12 cattle were slaughtered and incense burned, people prayed for his reelection in a traditional ritual.

The South African leader who is a known traditionalist has been on the political spotlight in the recent days that have seen him survive a vote of no confidence. Corruption allegations have also been levied against him demonstrating the hard times the father of 21 is currently facing.

He could be challenged by his deputy Kgalema Motlanthe.

“We are here to give our father a send off to Mnaguang (venue for ANC’s conference next month). With this ceremony we are sure he is protected and he will come back to celebrate with us” said one of the family members

In a symbolic gesture, Zuma was given a spear and shield by traditional leader Bheki Zuma and urged to defend himself against his opponents.

At the begining of this year, the South African government unveiled The Traditional Courts bills which if passed into law would allow local chiefs to hold judicial powers with no legal representation and right of appeal in some cases.

Although the move drew criticisms from rights bodies, Zuma defended it saying it will help do away with the white man’s justice system and solve african problems the African way.

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