Bobi Wine will never have freedom again, to appear at Fikk Fameica’s concert, he had to first get permission- Chameleon reveals

Singer  Jose Chameleone  using his twitter space has come out to reveal that fellow veteran singer Bobi Wine will never have his  freedom again to do what he used to do in the past.

Chameleon noted that today Bobi Wine can no longer do anything at his will like  hanging around people without the fear of being poisoned.

Chameleon attributes all this to the fact that Bobi Wine made a step to involve himself in politics. This only  landed him in hot waters and deprived him of his freedom to enjoy life like he used to.

Chameleone picked out the recent event of Fikk Fameica’s concert. Chameleon says that Bobi had to first get permission from authorities.

He further noted that during their vibrant days, they would enter public places swaggering but all that hit a dead end once he went onto the opposition side of politics.

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