Busoga Kingdom Has No Cultural Center

Busoga kingdom has failed to operationalise the Busoga cultural center, a year after its construction was completed. The cultural center was constructed with funding from Bujagali Energy Limited at the tune of UGX 250M.


The construction work was commission by in 2012, by Daudhi Kaunhe Wakhooli, the former acting Kyabazinga. The kingdom contracted Multicom Technical Services, a private firm to undertake the construction work, which was completed in 2013.

However, since then, the cultural center has never been opened officially by the Kingdom and is run by a private individual. The cultural has also not been stocked with cultural regalia as expected.

Prince Patrick Izimba Gogoloa, the chief of Kigulu County says the delayed opening of the cultural center has affected the promotion of Busoga culture and fostering unity among the Basoga.

Chief Yasin Waguma Ntembe, the chief of Butembe says the delayed opening of the cultural means they can’t preserve and expose their cultural tools, antiquities and royal regalia to the public.

Keith Mutengu, the Chairperson Busoga kingdom clan heads explains that royal regalia and antiquities are meant to be verified by the clan heads across the kingdom before they are collected and taken to the museum.

He says some chiefs have done their work but they have nowhere to store the regalia.

The royal regalia include spears, wear, cutlery and precious souvenirs and ornaments. Kenneth Kaheru, the BEL Deputy Construction manager says despite the fact that they handed over all the money they pledged, the cultural center is incomplete and wasn’t built as planned.

He also says that they are yet to receive a report from the Kingdom on the progress of the project. Leuben Lufafa , the deputy chairperson of the Busoga kingdom interim committee says the issue of the cultural center will be addressed.

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