Prof. Baryamureeba: In Uganda do we have strong opposition parties or strong individuals?

When Ms. Miria Obote handed over office of the President of UPC to Dr. Olara Otunnu she went silent.

Prof. Venansius baryamureba
Prof. Venansius baryamureba

When Col Dr. Kizza Besigye handed over office of the President of FDC to Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu he disappeared from party meetings including meetings at Najanankubi, Kampala.

When Hon Nandala Mafabi lost to Maj. General Mugisha Muntu he went silent only to resurface a few weeks ago announcing his resignation from the political office he held in FDC.

After resigning, Hon Nandala Mafabi is now being quoted in the press telling Maj Gen Mugisha to either transform FDC or resign from the Party Presidency. Even Col Kizza Besigye has of recent been quoted critising Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu.

If we are to have a strong opposition in Uganda collective responsibility has to take precedence over individual responsibility. So if FDC President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu is failing then we should all agree that all leaders in FDC have failed the party.

Else where in the world for instance in USA, the situation is different.

The Party interests are above individual interests. That is why Hillary Clinton and others before her have always respected and supported the official office holders/ nominated party candidates.

That is a lesson for us in Uganda. Otherwise, we should accept that multi party democracy has failed in Uganda and we return to individual merit.

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3 thoughts on “Prof. Baryamureeba: In Uganda do we have strong opposition parties or strong individuals?

  1. We have strong individuals. Those individuals must be transformed into a unit of political group that airs out one language called democracy. Its unfortunate that the democracy in Uganda that we are talking about is implmented by a group of self centered people whose interests are limited by views of those who say ” what do I get out of it” and this is killing democracy in Uganda. Most Ugandans do not understand what democracy is. This comes from how many and who are the people who decides what should be done. Education on democracy and human rights has always been misunderstood in our communties. When I ask or try to pass a humble information about democracy to a Community person ,all I will get is,”will it contribute to paying off my bills, will it stop us from being tortured? will our children go to school? People always think it will help them get extra wings to fly. if you are a woman, maybe I will be thinking “will I become a man?,and if I am a man maybe I will be asking will I be a general or something else.
    What is killing Mugishe Muntu´s voice? I do not know= Is his non violent approach to democracy killing him? is he not assertive enough? is he being controlled somewhere? or is he still trying to locate a landing space? find it out yourself. I am just a citzen like you.

  2. No we should do whatever it takes not to return to individual merit. It true we take personal interest above party but it due to lack of tolerance of each other and lack of foundation for the party. If u compare democratic vs Republic there something that does not change (socialist v conservative). That is how party should be built but not personal agenda and in that sense it stops self exhortation but put emphasis values of the party. Which means party can survive within particular individual but can go on way to whoever is in charge. However, political parties are have cooked,baseless but used as a tool to fight enemies or get into power. Parties like CP,UPC,DP will survive and exist regardless of support.

  3. Prof. Baryamureeba, be fair and ask that question again like a professor! In Uganda, currently there is only one party with a strong individual as a party leader and that’s NRM(only because he’s the president) FDC had a strong leader in some qualities who retired. Gen. Muntu has his qualities but may be not appealing to some or many.

    Charisma, eloquence and intelligence are some of the qualities for a promising leader. Not even U.S you’re referring can take on a docile leader. Trump is a wealthy person but he can’t win on a republican ticket because of missing qualities. Dr. Besigye, just like Mafabi have got their concerns. If president Museveni (maybe your individual merit) was not in power today he will be exactly in the same dilemma as Gen. Muntu.

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