CNOOC Uganda Awards Best Performing students at PLE, UCE and UACE levels in Hoima District

CNOOC Uganda, the Operator of Kingfisher oil field, has today recognized and awarded ninety (90) students in Hoima District who have achieved best performance at PLE, UCE and UACE level examinations, under its Corporate Social Responsibility Program code-named “CNOOC Best Performer’s Award”.


The CNOOC Best Performer’s Award (BPA) was inaugurated in 2012, with an aim of encouraging better performance to the students in Hoima District.

To date the Program has rewarded 240 students as follows (in 2013-60 were rewarded; in 2014 – 90 were rewarded; in 2015 – 90 were rewarded) and in 2016, an addition of 90 more students will be rewarded which will bring the cumulative total of BPA beneficiaries to 330 students at PLE, UCE and UACE levels.

Awarding the students with prize money and certificates is a move to motivate them and this has indirectly contributes to the improved performance of students in Hoima District in regard to national standings.

Hoima District is currently experiencing rapid development and CNOOC Uganda believes that the better the youth are prepared and the education sector transformed, the more the residents shall benefit from the oil and gas industry.

A total of 8,181 US Dollars, an equivalent of around UGX 27,000,000/= (Twenty Seven Million Uganda Shillings) has been awarded to the best performing students this year, 2016.

These students were selected by the office of the District Education Officer (DEO), Hoima District based on the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) results with 20 per cent selected from the Hoima Municipality schools and 80 per cent selected from the rest of the district.

According to Mr. Godfrey Serwanja, the DEO -Hoima, the awards have motivated schools into performing better at all the three levels compared to previous years before the awards.

In 2012, the best student at PLE got 5 aggregates while in 2014 the best got 4 aggregates, at UACE in 2012 only 3 candidates scored maximum points while in 2014, there was an improvement where 9 candidates scored maximum points.

This shows the level of motivation for competition the awards have provided which has resulted into academic excellence in the district.

One of the UCE beneficiaries of the awards said that “he has been reading hard so that he wins the CNOOC award and he is happy upon his achievement as he obtained better grades as a result. I will use the cash award to purchase scholastic materials as am joining Advanced level.

CNOOC Uganda has been reaffirming its willingness to be good neighbors with communities in the areas of operation and to achieve a win-win situation with its stakeholders, by implementing this CSR program, CNOOC Best Performer’s Award continuously.

The ceremony was presided over by the Resident District Commissioner, Isaac Kawooya who commended CNOOC Uganda for supporting the education sector in line with Government’s development plans.

He also congratulated the award winners along with their parents and teachers and urged the students to continue working hard at their next level of education and always consider giving back to the community so that those who come after them can receive the same support.

Aminah Bukenya, CNOOC Uganda’s Public Relations Supervisor said “the Best Performers Awards affirms our willingness to be a good neighbor to the communities in which we operate and commitment to a win-win situation with its stakeholders in the region.

As an energy company with a strong sense of social responsibility, CNOOC Uganda is committed to supporting the education sector which falls well in line with the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives which include environment, health, education and sports.

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