DJ Erycom Survives South Sudan Thumping

Star disc spinner DJ Erycom survived being thumped by furious South Sudanese after he reportedly demanded for more money to perform than what had been negotiated on earlier.


Erycom who has had tours across Africa this year visiting several states including Zambia and Egypt was scheduled to spin discs in South Sudan during the recent Independence celebrations.

However, due to the situation in the war torn country, Erycom reportedly hiked his fees than earlier agreed upon, a thing incensed the Sudanese.

“He had music tours in 6 countries and it was supposed to end by performing during the South Sudan Independence celebrations in Juba. However, even when he travelled there, he refused to entertain people demanding that he should first be given more money,” a source revealed

Reports reveal that the organizers eventually agreed to increase his pay cheque before he agreed to step onto the turntables. They have however vowed to teach him a lesson if he ever messes with them again.

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