Donors Call for Criminal Prosecution of Officials Implicated in Abuse of Public Funds

Kazinda was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse of office

Kazinda was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse of office
Kazinda was sentenced to five years in prison for abuse of office

Development partners have asked government to apply administrative sanctions and criminal prosecution of officials implicated in the misuse of public funds. 

The development partners made the call in a Joint Budget Support Framework meeting held in Kampala.

Speaking on behalf of the donor partners the Danish Ambassador Dan Frederiksen announced a budget support of 103.5 billion shillings. Frederiksen also noted the implementation of the Public Finance management strategy.  He adds that although there is an enforcement of internal control procedures there is still room for improvement.

Ahmadou Moustapha Ndiaye, the World Bank country manager underscored the importance of budget support, which he said is an effective aid modality to achieve results, especially when it comes to service delivery.

The donors expressed concern about the declining government’s counterpart funding for investments in the health, education, water, and justice law and order sectors. They recommended the establishment of an institutional set-up for future public investments to support sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

Frederiksen also acknowledged Uganda’s role in contributing to peace and stability in the region, continued progress vis-à-vis parliamentary oversight, and safeguarding freedom from torture.

The Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi also noted that the improvement in budget transparency, spending controls and cash management under the macroeconomic stability contributed to a recovery of Gross Domestic Profit to 5.8% from a low rate of 3.4% in the Financial Year 2011/12.

He stressed that government is committed to the dialogue with the Joint Budget Support Development Partners and more shall be dine through the rolling out of the integrated budgeting, planning, and accounting systems.

The dialogue between the government and development partners is expected to inform the prioritization in the ongoing development of the second National Development Plan.

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5 thoughts on “Donors Call for Criminal Prosecution of Officials Implicated in Abuse of Public Funds

  1. Boss ali sema, “we don’t need donations and we can fund our own budget” Now what is our honorable PM doing with these donors now? remember Kazinda was from his ministry.

  2. Its okay for donors to advise where necessary , but they shdn’t hold us hostage because of their donations. The more they get involved in our decision making, the more they impose certain things on us, even though some of these things are against our core principles. But Yeah, I agree the Ugandan Gov’t need to come down hard on people who siphon from public funds

    1. It is not fair to impose their views on us especially when it comes against our morals and values. Uganda has always survived without donations after all there is nothing to for it.

  3. Donations`are`still`applicable`in`Uganda`although`many`Ugandans`prefer`not`to`hear`
    to swindle`and`use`for`personal`benefits`instead`of`developing`the`whole`Nation

  4. However gives us donation with good intent should never impose their views on us. I feel Ugandans we are being bullied to adapt, change and dance their tune in order to get Aid. Uganda can survive without donation if we get our attitude right. We need to get away from culture of being dependant on Aid just because it is there for us claim. We must change our attitudes from being fed by doing things for ourselves. I can’t see china changing anything in exchange for Aid yet its people are very poor.

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