DPP Discontinues Acid Attack Case Against Mak Don

Mike Chibita, the Director of Public Prosecutions

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Makerere University lecturer, Dr Faizal Buyinza who had been accused of masterminding the December 11, 2011 acid attack on his wife Hanifah Nakyiryowa is now a free man.

This follows today’s discontinuation of the attempted murder charges that the don was facing by the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP Mike Chibita.

Mike Chibita, the Director of Public Prosecutions
Mike Chibita, the Director of Public Prosecutions


State attorney, Lillian Omara presented the letter on behalf of the DPP to court.


Accordingly, presiding Chief Magistrate Lillian Bucyana who had at the last appearance given the prosecution one last chance to bring in more witnesses, set Dr Buyinza free.

A joyous Dr Buyinza, who had been in and out of court for the last two years briefly said: “God can never forget his servant,”

The discontinuation of the criminal a charges against the don came at the time when the prosecution had for the past one year failed to produce more witnesses to testify against the suspect.

The last state witness testified exactly a year ago.

Since 2011 when Dr Buyinza was charged in court, only two witnesses had so far testified against him.
They included; his wife the acid victim, Ms Nakyiryowa and her father.

The acid victim in her testimony that she gave in June last year; accused her husband Dr Buyinza of hiring an assailant who poured acid on her which acid he said also splashed on their one and a half-year old daughter leaving them nursing acid burns.

Further in her testimony, she had told court that prior to the acid attack, her husband had threatened her life and that on the fateful day of December 11, 2011, he lured her back to his house from where someone pounced on her at the doorway before pouring on her acid.

Prosecution had alleged that Dr Buyinza who is an economics lecturer attached to the Department of Economic Theory and Analysis, attempted to kill his wife on December 11, 2011 at Mugenyi Flats, located at Makerere University. He denied the charges.

According to court documents, Ms Nakyiryowa was married to Dr Buyinza for seven years and that at the time of the acid attack, their marriage was on the rocks and that she had left her matrimonial home and was staying with a friend.

She was at the time of the acid attack working with Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UNICEF partnership programme in charge of keeping mothers and children alive, safe and in school as a monitoring evaluation officer.

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