DRC; Measles Claims 20 Children in 2 Weeks

A total of 20 children are said to have died due to Measles in a period of two weeks in Kamako in Kasai-Occidental province in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The Oriental Provincial Health Inspector Dr. Edmond Mulamba said that a total of 900 children have suffered from Measles since the beginning of this year and 20 of them have died in the last two weeks.

He says that most of the cases are in Kamako which is 150 miles south of the town of Tshikapa.

Dr. Mulamba says that the biggest challenge is that the efforts to have the children vaccinated in Oriental Province have not been entirely successful because parents and guardians have not eager to bring them for vaccination.

He further revealed that the provincial health office has already embarked on a vaccination campaign to check the loss of lives.

He says that drugs are being mobilized to ensure that all children are catered for.

Measles outbreaks in the DRC are very common due to the absence of vaccination exercises and the continuous movement of people due to lack of peace.

Congo has got many rebel groups which force hundreds of people to flee their homes. This usually facilitates the easy spread of measles as people from diverse Origins converge in Camps.

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