Ellah’s Bonkmate Wins Big Brother Hotshots

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Tanzania’s Idris who also doubles as Stella Nantumbwe’s bonkmate was yesterday evening crowned the winner of Big Brother Hotshots, a reality TV that has been running for the past 63 days.


Idris is the winner! Africa has chosen as Idris charmed not only the women of the house, he charmed the entire continent of Africa. Idris is now USD300 000 richer. Both are winners, Tayo played an amazing game but Idris is the ultimate winner and there is much joyous celebration. A popular winner indeed.  Take a bow Idris, Africa salutes you.

Who is Idris?


Idris is a photographer from Arusha, Tanzania. He enjoys reading anything by Dan Brown.

His musical taste is quite varied, ranging from Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Usher to Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey and Nina Simone.


Idris says he doesn’t have one specific role model, choosing instead to take the best from every successful person he meets.

That said, his mother has influenced his life the most. He is proudest of the respect he’s earned by showcasing his skill and creativity in photography.


He says he entered Big Brother Hotshots because he wants to inspire people and make a name for himself in the process.

He feels “thrilled, accomplished and totally special” that the continent will be watching him on the show and describes himself as “smart, flirty and creative”.

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