Former ISO head of discipline (Retired) Lieutenant Bahati Mohammad Kabahena

Former Internal Security Organisation head of discipline, Lieutenant Bahati Mohammad Kabahena, has joined the opposition party-Forum for Democratic Change.

Former ISO head of discipline (Retired) Lieutenant Bahati Mohammad Kabahena
Former ISO head of discipline (Retired) Lieutenant Bahati Mohammad Kabahena

Kabahena, who has for years been instrumental in mobilizing support for the ruling National Resistance Movement party and President Museveni in particular, made public his decision during a rally conducted by FDC president Mugisha Muntu in Kabale town.

Muntu is in Kigezi region for a series of meetings with leaders of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party and its supporters.

Kabahena criticized his former Boss for overstaying in power, saying, “President Yoweri Museveni’s continue hold onto power will cripple development in the country.”

Kabahena first hinted on his intention to abandon the ruling NRM party in June 2014, when he openly criticized President Museveni’s style of rule at a radio talk show in Kabale.

Following his outburst on radio, Darius Nandinda, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner directed all radio stations in the district not to host Kabahena on talk shows.

Nandinda accused Kabahena of attacking the person of the President while appearing on the talk shows.

Kabahena was informed that he could only be allowed to participate in talk shows after getting clearance from Kabale district security committee.

He rushed to court seeking for redress. the case is still in court.

Kabahena told hundreds of FDC supporters that he has been instrumental in doctoring presidential election results in favour of President Museveni and that he is ready to avail evidence for that.

Kabahena becomes the third former spy chief to confess to vote stealing in favour of President Museveni.

Former Coordinator of Intelligence Services General David Sejusa and former External Security Organisation spy Chief David Pulkol, have in the past confessed to the same.

General Sejusa told foreign Press in 2013 that FDC candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, won the February 2006 election with close to 70 percent margin. The President he said, had manged less than 30 percent of the votes.

Several government officials however continue to describe these claims by formers spies as nonsensical and baseless.

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