FIRE & FURY! Mr. Hyena electrocutes starved Hajjati, freaks out after 30 farts

The Might Mr Hyena

The Might Mr Hyena

There is an old saying, that the old broom sweeps best because it knows all corners, so I know Hajjat Namuyima’s bearded bread like I know the back of my palm. God specifically created her for my pleasure because she recently returned from visiting her hubby in the UK and upon arrival, I was the only person she needed to see.

When I got her call, I knew I was to have a fun filled day and so I took the sex boosting herbs plus a heavy meal that included posho and then two liters of mango splash.

Since I didn’t have a lot to do, I took a two hour nap at the office and when I woke up, I was ready for a mother of all romps. So I called Hajjat and told her of how I was heading to our pleasure bungalow in Munyonyo. “I am already waiting for you,” she said, adding that she has prepared my favorite meal. There is no crime in eating a double meal, so when I got there, I first ate another plateful of food. “I will eat the rest at half time,” I said.

We first fooled around for sometime as I checked the gifts she had brought for me. Finally, it was time for quality love making and so I played slow music as we did some squeeze dancing and flavored it by kissing and caressing.

Somehow, my hands found their way into the mini dress she was wearing. “You aren’t wearing knickers?” I asked in an accusing tone upon touching her voluptuous rear. This prompted Hajjat to pull a string. “It’s a g-string.” She said in a romantic tone. I made her hold onto the wall and then knelt behind her and pulled her g-string aside. This prompted her super long twinnies to swing.

I sank my head down under while my tongue went for the twinnies as my nose dug into her star hole. Meanwhile, I hardened my long tongue and used it to tickle the twinnies which sent for help in the form of el nino.

Hajjat’s legs lost strength and so she collapsed and sat on my face! Men, has a babe as fat as Kusasira ever sat on your face? My whole face was covered by Hajjat’s one ton bums. She even went on to rest her big boobs on my belly and then took my erect 31cm pleasure muscle into her mouth as much as it could contain and then sucked me for about 5minutes. But since my tongue wasn’t long enough to scratch her innermost itching spot, she turned and held the pleasure muscle, then sat on it. She swung herself as she recited bedroom creeds and sung melodious tunes. Her fountain baptized my gadget with its oils. Hajjat teased my dongle for about four minutes before letting it in and then proved to me that fatness isn’t a disability. She moved herself up and down, humping me horse style. She did it the way a Cindy size babe would do it and in the process, she accidentally crashed her g-spot and lost all her body strength and so spread herself on the carpet.

I swung into action and moved on top. If you have ever heard of a folk song that goes “ekinyi kya Rosa ” has seven corners, Hajjat’s had about 20 of them which I was able to pinpoint. Men, you don’t want to tamper with a woman with several g-spots because each g-spot you crash switches on another which is harder to crack and so finding the g-spot via federal style becomes an uphill task. I toured her several times and found the star on the left flank but due the way Hajjat was moving her waist, it became like the battle of Katonga and Fallujah.

My waist started hurting but due to Hajjat’s seriousness in moaning, I knew it would be a matter of time before I cracked it. Sweat was pouring from me as if I was from the sauna, at some point, she adjusted her waist and I happened to be at the right spot, thereby making her climax for the second time.

Her body vibrated from head to toe as she came and the privates gushed out all the oils that were at that g-spot. “Time up,” I said, rolling off while breathing like I had just outran a comet.

After a short while, Hajjat wondered that despite having climaxed twice, the yoyo was still itching. It seemed to me like her bearded meat had not got enough satisfaction and so I spread her for western jazz. I jazzed her in all directions, prompting her to moan for the entire neighborhood, as if she was possessed by demons. I jazzed and jazzed until my jazzing hand started hurting before Hajjat could come.

“Eno yazze nemputu ya London,” (this one has come with London wise aching), I thought to myself as I turned the supper fat mama for doggie. I pressed her back to the extent that her boobs and belly were one with the carpet. I got busy on her mercilessly for about 20minutes before I crashed her g-spot. Hajjat farted like 30 times in just a matter of seconds as her body trembled and her yoyo erupted an ocean of magma.

She collapsed and lay there as if she had been electrocuted, as earthquakes started going through her body each time orgasms came out.

Her fountain kept oozing el nino for three more hours after our romp, prompting her to suspect that maybe I had damaged the source.


Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr. Hyena

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