Gareth, Nickita Blast City Gal Shantel

Nickita and Gareth

Lovers Gareth Onyango and Nickita Bachu have ganged up together and blasted the wannabe City glamour gal Shantel Ruby who is also known as Shantel Ruby Lovezvybzkartel Knowles following a bitter verbal attack that has generated a war of words on social media.

Nickita and Gareth
Nickita and Gareth

Over the weekend, Shantel and Nickita were involved in a war of words as Shantel described Nickita as ‘ugly, skinny and a bitch’.

Nickita however seemed reserved and wondering why Shantel hates her that much.

“I asked you something simple, how come you hate someone who has never done anything to you? You are evil; you are a very evil person. From way back you have always commented badly about me. Don’t think I have never seen them. I used to see them but I would ignore it. Did you ever see me attacking you?” Nickita politely asked Shantel.

Ugly, skinny and bitch description of Nickita by Shantel did not go well wit Gareth Onyango, who is a boyfriend to Nickita.

His anger couldn’t be controlled as he stormed his official Facebook page and blasted Shantel.

“Many times people attack me and my family on Facebook and i just ignore, but sometimes it’s too much. Enter “SHANTAL RUBY SIMANYI LOVES VYBZ KARTEL.

This madam attacked my wife that she is ‘skinny and ugly’ hehehe. Ok.

2things i know about her.

1. She’s found of attacking people on Facebook.

2. She has no teeth ((alina Malibu))..

This makes me think, shouldn’t she be thinking about how to fix her Malibu other than attack people on Facebook???

Shantel i have friends who are doctors, they could fix your MALIBU at a discount or even for free.

Get a life get off your Ass and get something to do other than abuse people on Facebook.

City Shantel Ruby
City Shantel Ruby

Shantel fires back

Gareth Onyango, I never said that your wife is ugly, I simply said he is skinny and not so good looking (and that’s the truth)…. Now yap!! Why want me to respect you? I never respect guys who run away from their responsibilities, silly excuses of a dad!!! Go first be in your first child’s life then we will talk. Bye!!

We are not sure whether the verbal war that has erupted from these conflicting parties will come to an end soon. We are watching!!

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