General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man

President Museveni and beleaguered Gen. David Sejusa have sharply disagreed on a political settlement of their alleged fall-out.

General David Sejjusa
General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man

We have learnt that Sejusa’s outbursts against the regime stems from his alleged personal desire to be appointed prime minister, a position which is currently in the hands of Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda.

Insiders told us that since 2011, Sejusa tried to pressurize the president asking him to appoint him back to cabinet but his desired position was that of PM.

However, sources told us that the highest post the president had agreed to give him was that of minister for internal affairs.

Sources told us that this is actually, the real cause of the current feud between the two bush-war comrades.

Sources stated that Museveni had offered Sejusa this post but the man took long to decide yet the 2011 cabinet  had to be named after swearing-in.

“We know Sejusa’s problem. It is personal. He wants to be appointed prime minister but the president refused. In 2011, this is what he asked Museveni and up to now, he wants it but the president said no. He wanted to appoint him internal affairs minister. From that time, Sejusa has never remained the same. This is why he is doing what he is doing but he will not succeed,” top sources told us.

Sources stated that Museveni is bitter with Sejusa for his actions considering the fact that he has always pampered him while still serving in the army.

“Sejusa was the highly paid officer within the force with a salary worth shs200m per month though it was disguised as operational fund under classified budget. Secondly, Sejusa enjoyed one of the best convoys in the military. So, why is he doing this? Isn’t this betrayal?” sources very close to Museveni added.


We have learnt that having been angered by his actions, sources stated that president Museveni has now formed a secret team called TEAM NO SEJUSA.

The team is allegedly headed by Hajji Muyanja Mbabaali.

The main task of the team is to first traverse the Greater Masaka region including Sembabule district where Sejusa is born.

All chairpersons of Greater Masaka are part of this TEAM NO SEJUSA.

Sources stated that the reason for beginning with Greater Masaka is because intelligence got information that Sejusa is planning to begin his campaigns in this region where he comes from before traversing other areas.

The team is supposed to explain the true picture about Sejusa and why the masses and the opposition shouldn’t join him.

Part of the information against Sejusa is that it was him who allegedly arrested Kizza Besigye and also he is the one who allegedly blocked the Kabaka from visiting Bugerere.

“He arrested Besigye and he is the one who headed operations that blocked the Kabaka. Some of the operations he did were even not sanctioned by the president but he did them to turnish the name of the government. It is therefore too late for Sejusa to say sorry. This explains why he even changed his name from Tinyefuza to Sejusa. He is not a clean man,” sources close to Museveni added.

The sources added that this team comprises youths who are supposed to traverse the country and also bombard Sejusa with toxic political chemicals.

“Sejusa left his family in London. He is now here trying to confuse people and inciting them into violence. Why doesn’t he bring them here? Why is he mobilizing people to destroy the country? Which kind of a leader is he?” wondered the source.

In fact, sources told us that following his recent outbursts on radio, Sejusa is soon getting arrested.

The sources added that much as the president is not against his desire to stand, he should do this within the armpits of the law.

“If he thinks he is a strong man, let him just stand for MP seat and he sees if he will win. Sejusa is weak. Even in the army, the time he spent in parliament, his votes were not genuine. They used to rig for him because Museveni wanted him in parliament. They used to rig for him because he would intimidate them,” sources stated.

However, Sejusa in the recent past has been in the media for meeting opposition forces.

He wants to stand as a president though he is still a serving officer.

In April 2012, he fled the country to UK where he stayed for 18 months.

Prior to his exit, he authored a controversial dossier accusing the president of grooming his son to take over power and also harboring a plot to assassinate key government officials allegedly opposed to the project.

He named Amama Mbabazi, Aronda Nyakairima among others.

Interestingly, he recently returned to the country but security ignored him apart from welcoming him without causing any scene.

He is now struggling to explain to the masses to convince them that he is not a spy following all those freebies the state accorded him even after bashing it while in self-imposed exile.

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