Kiyonga Probes Mukulu Arrest

Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga

The minister for defense Chrispus Kiyonga on Friday confirmed to legislators that Tanzanian authorities arrested a man believed to be Uganda’s most-wanted notorious rebel chief Jamil Mukulu.

Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga
Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga

The minister told MPs sitting on defense and internal affairs committee chaired by Peter Eriaku that government is currently talking to that of Tanzania about the true identity of the arrested individual in order to confirm whether it is Jamil Mukulu.

“It is true someone has been apprehended by the United Republic of Tanzania. There is a thinking that this may be Jamil Mukulu. We are talking to Tanzanian authorities to see if this is Jamil Mukulu or not. We shall let the public know” he said.

He was reacting to questions by members led by shadow minister for internal affairs Muwanga Kivumbi suggesting that media reports had indicated that Jamil Mukulu had been netted.

“There are media reports suggesting that ADF hief Mukulu was arrested. How true is this information” Kivumbi asked.


He has been a notorious chief of the terror rebel group operating in DRC. The group is responsible for numerous attacks against Uganda including killing students in Kicwamba technical institute, attacks locals in Kasese, abductions and murders among others. The terror group has been operating in the DRC jungles since 1990s and was very deadly in 1997.

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