HARD WORK PAYS! Singer Shakira Shakiraa named female richest musician in Uganda 2022/2023

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Putting together a list of who owns what, how they get their money, how much they are worth is our duty at the end of every year and even now Red pepper  team started an investigation on who is  the richest Ugandan female musician of 2022/2023 and her Net Worths.

The industry has gained international recognition, which has further favoured our  musicians. Some of the highest-paid musicians have a net worth of more than $ 6 million.

Uganda is ranked third in Africa as far as entertainment is concerned. Most of her musicians have been able to blend Luganda with other languages, like English or Swahili.

Well, according to an research, it has emerged that well established singer Shakira Shakiraa is the richest female musician in Uganda as of today.


She is a big performer known for her vibrance on stage. When in Uganda, Shakira Shakiraa drives a latest sleek Benz, with other cars for her music team. She  owns properties in Kampala.

She is also a landowner, with plots in various towns in Uganda. Her wealth is real visible. She is also an entrepreneur who is into agriculture and real estate. All these investments have played their part in making her the richest female artists in Uganda. Her net worth estimate  is $320,000.

Shakira Shakiraa, born Shakira Kamulegeya Kyebalaba  currently living in the US. She realised she was musically talented when she contested for American Idol in 2010 and she made it to through to the Real Judges. She is known to hugely invest millions of money in her music videos. Music producers are always on her speed  dial since she pays  well. All her vidoes are a master piece.

Today, rumor has it that she is in studio working  on a multi-millions project with  a top international artist.

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