Heartbroken! Counsel Kiryowa dumps UNRA’s Natasha

Andrew Kiryowa and wife

Andrew Kiryowa and wife

City lawyer Andrew Kiryowa Junior is reportedly over the moon after getting introduced last weekend by his new catch.

A few weeks ago social media commentators and some ‘social’ pages were awash with reports that Kiryowa is in new love with a hot new chic only identified as Sherrie and that they were set to legalize the affair.

Snoops can exclusively reveal that Kiryowa has been telling close pals that he landed a sweet lady who has already accepted to give him her hand in marriage. Going by social media updates, counsel hooked Sherrie a few months ago and the two staged their engagement in Russia. Last weekend the chapter was closed when Kiryowa was escorted by his entourage to Bushenyi where he was officially introduced to Sherrie’s parents.


Latest reports reveal that as Kiryowa and Sherrie are still in merry-making, all is not well with his longtime lover Natasha Nahabwe who is reportedly in tears for a week now threatening to suffer a depression.


Snoops reveal that what is hurting ex-lover Natasha is that Kiryowa had proposed to her in 2018 while on a lavish holiday at the Marina boat cruise in Dubai. This was after a year in love when he suggested a short holiday to Dubai.

We hear she was dumped some months back on hooking the new catch. However, it’s not clear what sparked off the sudden breakup. Meanwhile, sources say that Natasha has become a topic at the UNRA offices where she works, especially among dudes who had hopes of presenting their manifesto to her. Kiryowa is the former Wakiso Youth Chairman working with ALTO Advocates and younger cousin brother of prominent city lawyer Kiryowa Nsumikambi Kiwanuka, Uganda’s attorney general and a partner at K&K Advocates.

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