Benjamin Netanyahu also known as Bibi’s political future hangs in balance after Israeli Police recommended that he be charged.

Israeli Police have recommended indicting prime minister  on bribery charges but he denies any wrong doing.

Authorities said they had established an evidentiary foundation on which to charge Mr Netanyahu and his wife Sara with accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust.

The long-running investigation into the prime minister centres on suspicions he promoted regulatory changes worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the telecoms company Bezeq in return for favourable coverage on its news website, Walla.

Police have already recommended Mr Netanyahu should face corruptions charges in two other cases – one alleging he accepted almost $300,000 in lavish gifts from wealthy patrons over the course of a decade and another claiming he traded positive coverage in a newspaper in return for advantageous legislation.

The Prime Minister maintains he is innocent of the charges set to be brought against him and insists the accusations amount to an orchestrated media witch-hunt against him.
In a statement released following the announcement he was set to be charged, Mr Netanyahu said police recommendations against him had “no legal basis”.